Board of Directors

Officers & Board of Directors

  • Kelly Wood, NT Plastics
  • Trent Schmidgall, Carlisle IT
  • Jim Bush, Florida Power & Light


Our bylaws call for a three-person chair position we call the Tri-Chairs. They rotate chair responsibilities over the course of the year. The Tri-Chairmen for the 2021 board year:

Trent Schmidgall Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Kelly Wood NT Plastics
Jim Bush Florida Power & LIght

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee Consists of the Tri-Chairpersons, Immediate Past Chairperson and the President/Secretary.

Blake Brown Vac-Con, Inc.
Lake Ray, III FCMA President

Board of Directors


Our board consists of 18 Members (15 Manufacturers and 3 Partners)

Auld & White Constructors 2021 Steve Auld
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies 2021 Pat Cusick, Trent Schmidgall (alt)
Dupuy-Silo Facility LLC 2021 John Butz
Florida Power & Light 2021 Jim Bush
Georgia-Pacific Corporation 2022 Mark Brown
Harbinger 2021 Roger Williams
IFF Chemical Holdings 2022 John Otterson
Q-Pac 2023 Matt Kent
Polyhistor 2023 Peter Schonning
Medtronic 2023 Tim Romecki
Miller Electric Company 2021 Mike Brannen
NT Plastics 2023 Kelly Wood
Proforma Northpoint 2021 Blair Wygle
Progressive Power Products 2021 Larry Kates
Rulon International 2022 Caleb Diffell, Wayne Robison (alt)
Shift 7 Leadership 2022 Joanna Richards
Golder Associates 2023 Andreas Wagner
Vac-Con, Inc 2022 Darrell Lesage, Blake Brown (alt)